Bridges to Employment a division of Alternatives, Inc. achieved its Fifth 3 year CARF Accreditation!

Programs and services that are CARF accredited have demonstrated their conformance to internationally recognized standards for service delivery. It shows that we have demonstrated our commitment to continuous quality improvement and that we have a client-driven focus.

The process is conducted by our peers in the field and provides an opportunity for us to hear about areas that we need to improve upon, as well as highlighting our strengths. There were a few areas where we need improvement, however, the strengths of our agency recognized by our CARF Surveyors far outweigh the areas needing improvement. 

Our strengths as recognized by CARF:

  • Employment programs benefit from an active board of directors that is knowledgeable about and takes an interest in helping its mission as demonstrated by its direct program support, participation on commit-tees, assistance in helping to review results, and making recommendations directly to management.
  • The organization benefits from a long-tenured management team that is very familiar with ongoing operations and state issues facing nonprofit organizations in New Jersey.
  • The quality council integrates monitoring efforts and findings of several quality and audit committees so that all members of the management team are familiar with each other’s quality improvement efforts.
  • The strategic plan is detailed—results are well documented and reflect the input from all stakeholder groups. Status reports help to monitor and report progress made toward meeting these objectives.
  • The organization is effectiveness and efficiency focused. Direct service professionals and management work to hold each other accountable for meeting organizational objectives.
  • An automation committee helps to identify areas where technology can further increase the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The career development center offers a valuable service to clients who are hard of hearing. The organization offers assessment, resource, and employment services to the clients. 
  • Bridges to Employment offers many employment opportunities, tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Clients are very happy in their positions and many have been employed long term.
  • Stakeholders are impressed with the organization’s services—they state, “Bridges is very responsive, excellent in communication, and is on top of any concerns immediately,” and “Any concerns are addressed efficiently and professionally.”
  • The referral agency, NJDVRS, is very happy with its contractual relationship with Bridges to Employment. The counselor states that Bridges to Employment is ahead of any changes occurring with the state and really understands the continuum of needs for the clients.
  • Clients are very satisfied. Some direct quotes from clients regarding their relationships with Bridges to Employment’s staff members include, “They are always encouraging me, helping me, and are consistent in coming to my job,” and “Staff have great attitudes and are always willing to help me out.”
  • Bridges is very active in community groups, allowing it to be aware of issues affecting employment and New Jersey’s policies that may affect human services. The organization is commended for these efforts.
  • The organization’s usage of the O*Net Resource Center® to help clients learn about different areas of work is commended. This site breaks down each job a client may be interested in and can help clients make educated decisions about the career path they want to apply for.


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