COVID-19 Update


Hello. My name is Audra Zammit. I am the Program Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employment Services in central NJ with Alternatives also known as Bridges to Employment. Today I am here to share with you that employment services are continuing at this time. Many clients have contacted me asking about the recent shut down in the country and what to do during this time. First thing to know is that your employment services are still available. We are adhering to the quarantine order and providing services virtually at this time. Your job coach can meet with you via Facetime or by setting up a meeting through online services. We will set up a way to make communication comfortable for you. If you are already a client please contact your specific job coach. Please let them know that you require support. During this time, local DVR offices are closed however your councilor is also working from home and providing virtual support. We expect offices to be closed through May 9th at this time. We are not sure how long this situation will continue. If we get new information we will be sure to let you know. Governor Murphy recently announced that The statewide quarantine is in effect through May 9th.  All non essential business will close through that time. I will post another video in the near future detailing information about what it means to be essential. So if you are already a client and you need services please contact your job coach today. Our current coaches are myself (Audra), Rebecca, Erin, Andrea. So please contact your coach if you need anything. Thank you.  here.

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