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Bridges to Employment has been providing Employment Services to Job Seekers for more than 15 years. Over the last 10+ years of providing this service to specialized populations, we have found repeated requests from school districts and families alike asking for this service to become available to the general youth population. Our Employment Specialists are experienced working with young people who are navigating the world of work for the first time. As parents, we spend an average of $30-$60 per hour on dance lessons, sports programs, and tutoring for a variety of lessons and activities for our children. When it comes to finding a job, it’s a scary and competitive world out there!  Young people today want to do it all for themselves, but spend more time being fearful of the outcome than actually knowing how to dive in to the job search with confidence. 

Allow us to help! We offer hands on experience, and provide each young person with the tools they need to start their journey in the world of work! This is a valuable investment that will continue to pay off for your child long after the program has ended.