“I’ve worked here at the same job for 12 years and all of them have been with Bridges to Employment, and I think it’s been great! ”



"The supports provided by our son’s job coach Lisa through Bridges to Employment have helped him overcome the roadblocks to employment. We are so grateful!"


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during the pandemic felt health and saftey of the indivdual was put 1st

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At Bridges to Employment we believe in a customized service for each and every individual that we work with. There is no one way approach to any of the services we provide. Our person centered philosophy is second to none. 

During the pandemic we not only continued services but expanded into new areas and grew our partnerships with employers, school districts and the Department of Labor (DVRS). 

We are able to conduct services in person and ensure a safe environment where all employees and guests are screened and maintain social distancing. If you prefer to meet virtually we can arrange a virtual meeting with our highly interactive programs to ensure you or your loved one receive excellent virtual services. 

“The coaches touched my heart – not just because of what they taught me about work, but what they taught me about life.”

- Lamijah

Virtual and Hybrid Services 



"Bridges to Employment is a good source for people with disabilities to go to for wanting to have an normal life and get up for employment on a regular basis there the job employer really help you learn your job and they are dedicated to help keep your job by helping you get the certifications that they need to be able to work there by taking time out of there day to help you practice for the test that the employer are looking for you to gain."


"The time spent with Lisa has helped me expand my interests into what career I want to do in my life. We spent a lot of time in my favorite libraries and searching on what job would interest me, where it was located, and what responsibilities and tasks came with that job. After months of searching I finally applied for the part time job that I'm currently working to this day. She checks in once in a while where I give her updates and any worries that I have. So far, things have worked out pretty well and I wouldn't have even found this job if it wasn't for Lisa's efforts. I'll continue to work my job, but if under any circumstance in the future I end up losing that job, I'll know who to call to begin my search." 

- Supported Individual 

Alternatives, Inc. has provided comprehensive services to individuals and families with special needs enabling them to reach their highest level of independence and integration into the community since 1979. 

Our person-centered philosophy is dedicated to providing each person served the support they need to assist them in achieving their goals.  

No matter what challenges you may face, Alternatives will develop an individualized plan to help you on your journey as an active member of our community.

Since 1998 Alternatives Inc. through Bridges to Employment has worked with hundreds of individuals each year to gain meaningful employment. 


  • Alternatives Inc. is founded. 


  • Alternatives Inc. begins Supported Employment Program. 

  • Alternatives goes on the web! Developed first website


  • Expanded SLP to Ocean County

  • Secured vendor status with DVRS


  • Alternatives Inc. gets accredited for Supported Employment through CARF.


  • Second CARF Accreditation secured

  • EVMS database development & implemented (Data base system specifically tailored for Supported Employment used across the State)


  • Alternatives Inc.'s Supported Employment was re-branded as Bridges to Employment. (BTE) 

  • Third CARF Accreditation secured

  • Secured $400,000 grant from DVRS to develop Career Development Center for individuals who are deaf & hard of hearing


  • BTE opens up the Career Development Center (CDC) for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. 


  • BTE opens its first Day Program, Abilities in Motion (AIM) in Raritan NJ. 


  • Bridges to Employment's 10 year Anniversary! BTE rolls out its new Logo, and Website.


  • Bridges to employment starts new summer internship grant funded program